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Adobe Connect

Retirement of Adobe Connect

Zoom will be replacing Adobe Connect as a Johns Hopkins Enterprise-preferred tool. Find out more about Zoom by going to the Zoom support page. Please direct any questions to

Following the roll out of Zoom for Johns Hopkins, we will begin steps to retire the Adobe Connect system:

      • Effective July 1, 2019 users will not be able to conduct meetings in Adobe Connect
      • Effective December 2, 2019 Adobe Connect will be retired

Actions You Need to Take:

      • Adobe Connect Meeting Hosts should download and transfer content and recordings to alternative storage locations BEFORE the planned retirement of Adobe Connect on December 2, 2019.
      • If you intend to use Zoom, provision your account through the JHU IT Service Catalog

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Uses for Adobe Connect (Use Case Scenarios)

Virtual Classroom:

Online Meetings:

In addition to the other use cases, Adobe Connect Meetings can be used as:

    • Faculty Office Hours: Professors and other faculty members may create an open Meeting Room at set times to allow any students or guests to enter with questions or comments about class. Faculty members will have the opportunity to use the room as a visual and audio way to entertain questions without having to meet face to face in an office. Generally, Registered Users are only allowed to enter the Office Hours Meeting Room, however, the Faculty member may manage room access at his or her discretion.
    • Training Sessions: Use an Adobe Connect Meeting Room to train or tutor users and guests. With the various Pods, it is possible to show step by step visuals and instructions to participants in order to train them on the specific subject of the Meeting Room.
    • Marketing Events/Open Houses: Use the Adobe Connect Meeting Room to market ideas, share presentations, and entertain questions and comments from users who enter the room. This type of case is usually used with open access to the room- anyone with the URL to the room can enter.
Other use cases...

For any of these cases, follow the regular instructions for setting up a Meeting Room, and select Pods that appropriate and helpful for each specific case.

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