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Elluminate FAQ

Is Elluminate Live! still available?

The University’s contract with Elluminate Live! continues through August 31, 2008. There is no intention to renew the contract thereafter. Adobe Connect is the web-based video conferencing solution supported by IT@Johns Hopkins and is replacing Elluminate Live!.

Will Elluminate content (e.g., prior recordings) be accessible after August 31, 2008?

We do not have a clear answer on this from Elluminate. It is safest to assume that it will not be accessible after August 31, 2008.

How can I archive recorded content from Elluminate?

Elluminate now sells a desktop application called Publish (v1) which can take an existing Elluminate Live recording and create either an audio-only podcast, such as mp3, ogg vorbis, or wav audio file; or an “unplugged” stand-alone version of your recording  (java .jar format) that is playable offline. The “unplugged” version plays back just as if you clicked on the recording URL, without requiring a network connection.

Publish v1 is available for 30 day trial at