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Load Files, Share Documents and Share Screens

The host has the ability to distribute and share files and other documents to attendees in the meeting. If you wish to load presentations, such as PowerPoint slides or Adobe Presentations, or want to share documents, it is recommended that you upload everything before the meeting. The Share Pod can be used to share documents such as:

    • PowerPoint
    • Images (JPGs)
    • Flash content (SWFs)
    • Flash videos (FLVs)
    • Audio files (MP3s)
    • Zip files with the acceptable content

To Upload and Share Documents:

To share any documents, be sure that the Share Pod is displayed in your meeting room. To include the Share Pod, select Pods from the top menu bar, then Share, then Share once again. The Share Pod will appear.

Upload a PowerPoint presentation

-From the Share Pod, select the Share Document from the pulldown arrow. 

-You have several options from this screen:

      • Share History
      • Whiteboards
      • Uploaded Files
      • My Content
      • Shared Content
      • and Browse My Computer…

To upload from your Computer, select ‘Browse My Computer’
-Select the desired file and click Open.

-The file will upload and open. 

For PowerPoint, a presentation screen will appear where you can use the arrows to go forward or backwards to view your slides.

Note: starting in Adobe Connect 8.x and the Office 2007, PowerPoint is required on the uploading computer. See for best practices on sharing PPTX files.


Sharing files

Use the File Share Pod to distribute files to attendees. To do so: 

-Select Pods at the top of the page. 

-Select File Share

-Select New File Share Pod to insert the Pod into the meeting room. 

-From the File Share Pod, select Upload File. 

To upload from your Computer, select ‘Browse My Computer’
-Select the desired file and click Open.

-The file will then appear in the Pod. Attendees will be able to click on the file and directly download it to their computer.

Using screen sharing

Through screen sharing, the host or designated attendee can share their desktop, applications, or windows. 

To use screen sharing: 

-From the Share Pod, select Share My Screen

-In the popup, select one of the three screen sharing options: DesktopWindows, or Applications

-After selecting the option, check the items you wish to share. 

-Click the Share button. The selected content will be broadcasted to all attendees. 

Note: The broadcast is live- the participants will see what you select with your mouse in the shared screen.


Desktop – show your entire screen
Applications – choose which Applications to share
Windows – choose which Windows to share

Using a whiteboard

The Whiteboard is a real-time, interactive location to share text, diagrams and free-form drawings. It includes multiple tools to carry out such actions. 

-From the Share Pod, select the Share Whiteboard from the pull-down arrow. 

For Hosts and other attendees that have been granted to control the Whiteboard, an icon containing tools will appear on the right side of the Pod. Click on the Pod Options icon to expand it and view the tools.


Through the Web Links Pod, hosts and/or presenters can force automatic browsing of webpages on attendee computers. 

To open the Web Links Pod if it is not in your layout: 

-Select Pods from the top of the screen 

-Select Web Links.

-Select Add New Web Links. The Pod will automatically appear in your meeting.




You can now add one more Web Links to appear in the Web Links Pod.

– Use the Pod Options menu in the upper right of the Web Links Pod, and select Add Link…

– Supply the URL Name and URL Path

– Click OK

At this point, the link will appear in the Web Links Pod for all attendees. You may allow the attendees to open the site at their own will, or you may force the web page to open. 

To force the web page to open: 

-Select the link. 

-Select the Browse To button. The page will now open for all attendees. Note: The page will automatically open only when Popup windows are not blocked