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Manage Attendees

With the Attendee List Pod, you have the option of managing or viewing attendees.

Participants can: See who is in the room and their role, get information about attendee network bandwidth, and set/view individual status icons.

Hosts can: Promote/demote people, change display names, clear status icons, remove/invite people, and assign certain permissions to specific pods.

To Manage Attendees:

Change Attendee Display Name

If an attendee entered the room with the same name as another attendee, or with a name you do not approve of, you have the option of changing the display name. 

 To change the display name: 

-Select the attendee from the Attendee List: The name will be highlighted. 

-Select the Pod Options menu in the upper right of the pod. 

-Select Attendee Options > Edit User Info…

-Change the Attendee’s name 

-Click OK. The change will automatically appear in the Attendee List Pod.

Promote or Demote Attendees

As the Host of the meeting, you have the option of promoting or demoting attendees according to roles. There are three optional roles: 

Host: Set up meetings, invite guests, select layouts, switch modes, share content, control participant interaction (highest role). 
Presenter: Share slides, content, screens, chat and answer questions, and broadcast live audio and video. 
Participant: View/participate in the meeting, view content being shared, participate in chats and polls, and download files. 

There are two methods you can change an attendee’s role:

    1. Hover over their name label and use the pop-up menu to chose : Make Host, Make Presenter, Make Participant.
    2. Drag their name label into the appropriate section

Note: To autopromote all participants to presenters, select Meeting, then Manage Access & Entry, then Auto-Promote Participants to Presenters.

Method 1:

Method 2:

Grant Enhanced Participant Rights

Instead of promoting a participant with the full rights of a presenter, you may just grant control rights to specific Pods. 

To grant enhanced rights: 

-Select the attendee from the Attendee List: The name will be highlighted. 

-Select the Pod Options  menu in the upper-right of the pod. 

-Select Attendee Options > Enhanced Participants Rights

-Select/Unselect the Pods that you want the participant to control. 

-Select OK when finished. 

Note: To change rights for multiple participants, simply control click and/or Shift click to select multiple participants.

Changing My Role

A Host has the option of changing their role in the meeting. This is particularly helpful when wishing to see what other participants see, yet you can still promote yourself back to host. 

To change participant type: 

-Select Meeting at the top of the screen. 

-Select Change My Role

-Select Presenter, or Participant. The screen will automatically change depending on your select. 

-Select Host to return to your original screens and access.

Removing Attendees

The Host can remove one or more attendees. The attendee will receive a message upon removal. 

To remove an Attendee: 

-Select an attendee from the Attendee List: the name will be highlighted. 

-Select the Pod Options menu in the upper-right of the pod. 

-Select Remove Selected User. The user will be removed. 

Note: Control click and/or Shift click to select multiple users.

Setting and Viewing Attendee Status

All meeting room attendees can set their status from multiple options. 

To select a status: 

-Select the Set Status at the top of the screen. 

-Select a status. The icon will appear next to your name in the Attendee List.

Clear Attendee Status

Any attendee can clear their own status, but the Host can also clear an attendee status, or the status for all attendees.

To clear an attendee’s status:

-Select an attendee from the Attendee List: the name will be highlighted.

-Select the Pod Options menu in the upper-right of the pod.

-Select Attendee Options > Clear Attendee Status

To clear everyone’s status:

-Select the Pod Options menu in the upper-right of the pod. 

-Select Clear Everyone’s Status for the entire room. The change will automatically appear.