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Optimize Meeting Room Settings

Setting the meeting room connection properties is important in order to:

    • Optimize information exchange and bandwidth
    • Determine quality of audio, video, and screen sharing streams

To Set Connection Properties:

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As part of compliance and control effort in Connect version 9.3, Adobe has removed the room bandwidth tab from the preferences menu of the meeting rooms. Hosts will not find that option in the meeting room any more.

New Meeting Connection Status Icon

The existing meeting connection status icon has been replaced with a new icon. These icons are found on the top right corner of the meeting room and they depict the condition of the available meeting connection.

Setting average room bandwidth

The host can set the overall setting for the meeting room by setting the bandwidth that matches the connectivity of the majority of attendees. This action will determine the maximum data the server can stream or send. 

To set the room bandwidth: 

-Select Meeting from the top of the screen. 

-Select Preferences

-Select Room Bandwidth

-Select the appropriate bandwidth: ModemDSL/Cable, or LAN

-Select Done



Checking your own connection status

To view your own connection status: 

-Select the green bar in the upper righthand corner of the meeting. A semi-transparent pop-up will appear, displaying Connection Status, Latency and Throughput details. 

Note: Weak signal is represented by a green half bar instead of orange light, and during a network disconnect a gray twirly icon appears.

Losing network connection

When network connection is lost, a pop up message will appear stating “Network connectivity was lost.”

Adobe Connect automatically tries to re-establish lost connections, but you may choose to manually attempt to reconnect by clicking the status indicator.