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Recording a Meeting

Adobe Connect meetings can be recorded and saved for playback at any time. Rather than just capture screen shots, Adobe Connect records the entire event. The entire recording is done from the perspective of a participant. This allows users to play the recording at whatever size they would like, and use most of the features that a participant would have interacted with during the live session.

Recording Tip
Keep in mind that individual breakout rooms are not recorded, but materials from the breakout rooms are included in the recording if the Host brings them into the main meeting room.
    • To Record a Meeting
    • Make Recording Public
    • Editing a Recording

To Record a Meeting

Step #



1. If you are not already logged in, then please visit the main Adobe Connect home page, Once there, click on the blue sign in button to login.
2. From within your meeting room, select Record Meeting from the Meeting menu.

3. In the Record Meeting dialog box, type a Name and Summary for the recording and click OK.

4. A notifier and a red circle in the upper right hand corner of the top menu bar will appear. This indicates to all participants that the meeting is being recorded.

To Stop / Pause / Resume Recording

One of the new features in Adobe Connect 9.1 is the ability to Pause and Resume Recording

Step #



1. Place your cursor over the red circle in the menu bar and select Stop Recording or Pause Recording from the pop-up menu

Once a recording is paused, you may Resume Recording from the same menu.

-Or, from the Meeting menu, select Stop Recording or Pause Recording.

Once a recording is paused, you may Resume Recording from the same menu.

To View, Manage, and Change Settings for Recorded Meetings

The recorded meeting will be saved in the folder for your meeting room. To access the recording:




1. If you are not already logged in, then please visit the main Adobe Connect home page, Once there, click on the blue sign in button to login.
2. From your Adobe Connect homepage, select Meetings from the top menu bar.


3. A list of all your meeting rooms will appear. Click on the specific meeting room where you recorded the meeting.


4. This page displays all of the information for the specific meeting room. To view the recordings for the room, select Recordings.


5. This page displays all of the recordings for the meeting room. In this page you can: 

Delete the recording: Check off the box next to the name and click the Delete button. 

Move to folder: You may move the recording to another folder, such as the Content libary, by checking of the box next to the name and clicking the Move To Folder button.

View the recording: Click on the name of the recording and then the URL for viewing in the following page.

In the pull-down Actions menu:

  • Edit Recording: see below
  •  Make Offline (used to be Make FLV): By selecting Make Offline, you can save the recording and proceed to post elsewhere.


Make Recording Public

By default recordings are Private and only available to those who have an account in Adobe Connect and have been added to the access list for the meeting.

Meeting recordings can be made available to anyone by making them Public.

To change the recording to Public.



1. Display the list of recordings
2. Notice the Access Type of the recordings are currently Private
3. Select the checkbox next to the recording you want to make Public, and click on Access Type.

4. In the Change Access Type screen, select the option for Public.

Note: a new feature in 9.1 is the ability to set a passcode for Public recordings. That means the person who views the recording will also need to know the passcode.

5. Click on Save to save the changes to the Access Type.
6. Notice that the Access Type for the recording now says Public.

7. Now anyone who has the recording URL can view the recording.

However, if you set a passcode, then the person viewing the recording must also provide the passcode.

Editing a Recording

Recordings can be edited in two different ways

    • online or
    • offline




1. Click on the name of the recording you wish to edit. A page with the recording information will appear. Under the Actions, select Edit Recording, or Make Offline

Note: When editing online, rudimentary linear editing tools are provided.

2. If you selected Edit Recording: 

Once in the recording, a tool bar will appear at the bottom of the playback. Use the specific tools to edit/cut sections out of the recording. 

Click Save to save the edited recording.


3. If you selected Make Offline: 

An information popup will appear. If you are ok with all of the notes, click Proceed with Offline Recording to continue. 

After clicking continue, you will be prompted to save the recording. Name the recording and click Save

With this edit mode, the recording is saved to the computer, and can therefore be uploaded elsewhere.

Note: as of 9.5, you can offline recordings as either ‘MP4’ or ‘FLV’ formats.