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Request Meeting Host Privileges

Each meeting room consists of three types of users: Hosts, Presenters, and Participants. The Host is the highest role, and is given the most access in the room. The Host has permission to:

    • Set up a meeting
    • Invite guests
    • Add content to the library
    • Share content
    • Add/edit layouts
    • Promote/demote Participant roles
    • Give enhanced permissions to Participants without promoting the Participant
    • Create/manage small breakout rooms
    • Perform all of the tasks that a Presenter or Participant can

Below is a view of the meeting room from the three different user roles:




Service title

From the different views above, it is clear that the Participant is given the least access, while the Host is given the most access in the meeting room.

Everyone who logs into Adobe Connect via the main page ( automatically receives the ability to create and host new meetings.  If you wish to have Meeting Host access to an existing meeting, however, then you should contact the maintainer(s) of that particular meeting.