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Setting Up Meeting Room Access

After creating the meeting room, and selecting the layout, the next step is to setup and configure access.

How do others join your meeting? They must be invited, they must have the meeting room URL, and they need to have access to the room.

For a public meeting, everyone is automatically granted access to the room.

For a private meeting, registered meeting room attendees automatically enter after logging in via their JHED ids, whereas guests must be approved by the host. In this setting, you may block access to guests completely.

To Select Meeting Room Access:

Invite Meeting participants before the Meeting 
To do so, simply follow the invitation directions in Creating a Meeting Room.
Invite  participants during the meeting 
You may select to invite a participant during the meeting. To do so: 

-Select Meetings at the top of the page. 
-Select Manage Access and Entry. 
-Select Invite Participants.
A popup with your Meeting Room URL will appear. To invite participants, click the Compose e-mail link and send the URL via email.
Block Incoming Attendees 
To block incoming attendees when the meeting is in progress: 

-Select Meeting at the top of the page. 
-Select Manage Access and Entry 
-Select Block Incoming Attendees 

If you select the checkbox, this means that attendees may request entry to the meeting room (you will get a popup with the request in which you can either Accept or Deny access) 

If you do not select the checkbox, all incoming attendees will be denied access.

Once you have clicked OK, a yellow popup will appear in the corner of your screen. 

If you choose to allow entry during the meeting, you may click on the icon located in the upper right-hand corner.

Block Guest Access 
Blocking guest access will deny any users that are not registered for the meeting. To block guest access: 

-Select Meeting at the top of the page. 
-Select Manage Access and Entry 
-Select Block Guest Access. 

A check mark will indicate that the restriction is active.
Place Participants on Hold 
By placing participants on hold, participants will temporarily be locked out of the meeting room until the host reopens it. To place participants on hold: 

-Select Meeting at the top of the page. 
-Select Manage Access and Entry
-Select Place Participants On Hold 

Change the message for participants by typing in the box, then click OK to initiate the hold. 

After the hold is initiated, a yellow popup will appear. To start the meeting again, select Start Meeting on the popup.