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Terms of Service

Use of Adobe Connect constitutes an agreement on your part to abide by the following policies.  Failure to abide by these policies may result in the locking, disabling or deletion of your account.  If you do not accept these terms, you are waiving your right to setup and maintain an account on Adobe Connect.

    1. Files stored on Information Technology @ Johns Hopkins resources are presumed to be the property of Johns Hopkins and there can be no expectation of privacy concerning such files stored on or transmitted across Johns Hopkins IT resources. For safety, security and/or legal purposes, or as needed to maintain or protect its personnel, facilities, and not-for-profit status; as necessary to render network services; or in order to protect Johns Hopkins’ rights or property, Johns Hopkins reserves the right to copy, examine, and disclose all files stored on any institution-owned media or equipment, or transmitted across or through Johns Hopkins network facilities. By using this service you grant to Johns Hopkins a non-exclusive license and right to use, copy and or process files, data or other materials stored on Johns Hopkins resources or transmitted across the Johns Hopkins network as necessary to perform the duties of a network service provider, and other services performed by Johns Hopkins, as well as necessary to protect Johns Hopkins’ rights or property.
    2. Adobe Connect does not secure the transmission of data. It does not provide data-at-rest encryption. It may be appropriate to use defense in depth and secure Restricted information at rest through file encryption or other means ( Storage or transmission of Restricted information may also require further controls, such as time-limiting access, confidentiality statements from recipients and routine audit of access logs ( We do not recommend using Adobe Connect to store or transfer confidential files or information.
    3. This service should not be used to propagate offensive or demeaning material to others, either knowingly or unknowingly.
    4. It is FORBIDDEN to use this service for the transfer of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner, since virtually all material is subject to copyright, including the material created by the sender. Should you be caught allowing your account to be used for such transfer of copyrighted material, YOU will be held responsible. YOU are responsible for all activity that goes on within your account.
    5. Adobe Connect utilizes advanced storage technologies that have a high degree of availability and includes a level of redundancy. Files contained on Adobe Connect are backed up for disaster recovery purposes only.  Files are not backed up on a daily basis.  Individual folders and individual files can NOT be restored.  The users should take measures to ensure that copies of important information are retained elsewhere.

Use of this service is governed by additional IT @ Johns Hopkins policies.