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Using Audio

In the Adobe Connect Meeting, users can broadcast audio and video feeds, as long as the host has allowed for the functions to be used in the meeting. Depending on the selected access, Hosts, Presenters, and even Attendees may be able to broadcast audio.

Below are the types of broadcasts available through Adobe Connect:

– Telephone Conferencing– Beneficial for many-to-many meetings where all attendees have the option of talking.

– Voice over IP (VoIP)- Beneficial for one-to-many meetings where a Host is the main speaker, providing a one way flow of information. This option is also beneficial for many-to-many discussions in small groups.

Using the Audio Set Up Wizard to Set Up the Microphone

If these instructions have been followed, and you are still having issues, view the Audio Troubleshooting page for more help.

1. Launch Audio Setup Wizard

From the menu bar, select Meeting, then Audio Setup Wizard. 

Audio Set Wizard… for Host

Audio Setup Wizard… for Participant

The Audio Setup Wizard pop-up appears. 

Click Next

2. Test Sound Output

The Test Sound Output screen appears. 

Read the description then click on Play Sound

Click Next if the test was successful, or Help for more information. 

3. Select Microphone

The next screen in the Audio Setup Wizard is the Select Microphone screen. 

Select a microphone from the list, or click Next and have Adobe Connect choose the microphone for you.


4. Tune Microphone Volume

The Tune Microphone Volume screen appears. 

Click Record and read the sentence.

Note: the horizontal meter shows your sound strength. If it does not change as you are speaking, or stays very low, you may need to check your microphone.

Click Stop. Click the play button to see if you can hear the recording. 

If the test was successful, click Next.

5. Tune Silence Level

The Tune Silence Level screen appears. 

Stay silent and click Test Silence

Click Next when the test is complete.

6. The Audio Setup Wizard is complete.

Click the Finish button to return to the meeting room.