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Audio Troubleshooting

For audio troubles, try the following recommendations in order to increase the functionality of the audio options in Adobe Connect:

As a general note for meeting set up, please check audio BEFORE meeting is launched!

    • Use a headset/microphone (preferably a USB mic). This has been found to be more effective than the internal microphone/camera from the computer. This is useful for VoIP.
    • Install the latest version of Flash and Connect Add-Ins.
    • Test your connectivity.
    • Optimize your meeting room settings.
    • Do not run other applications during the meeting. Web applications such as email or chat will compete for CPU and client bandwidth to the internet. Running such applications will often prevent Adobe Connect from being able to use your camera or microphone drivers.
    • Set the multiple speakers option. If more than one participant is speaking, be sure to select the multiple speakers option.
    • Set the push-to-talk expectations. It is more effective to have participants push to talk as opposed to having the talk button locked down. This prevents any unnecessary audio transmissions. Also consider setting the mechanism so that the participants speaks just after the button is being pushed, this will prevent the beginning of sentences from being cut off.

Common Audio/Video Questions:

Others cannot hear me, what should I do? Or, what if I cannot hear others?

First, check your computer’s microphone settings to make sure that it is not muted and that Adobe Connect has access to the microphone. Next, check to see if the audio is being sent to headphones or speakers, and that the appropriate one is being used. Also, be sure that an appropriate volume level is selected.

What can I do to improve poor audio or video quality?

Besides following the suggestions above, it is best to use a wired connection over a wireless connection.

I don’t have any video or sound. What should I do?

If you are an Attendee:

    • Make sure your speakers are plugged in, have power, and are set at a reasonable volume.
    • Make sure your microphone and webcam are connected, and that no other web applications are using them. Check to make sure the microphone is not muted and or turned down (check in your computer’s volume controls).
    • If you can hear/see the Presenter but not yourself, its likely that the Presenter has not given you permission to share your video/audio feed. You can check this by simply asking the Presenter or Host in the chat Pod.

If you are a Presenter:

    • Make sure your speakers are plugged in have power, and are set at a reasonable volume.
    • Make sure your microphone and webcam are connected, and that other applications are not using them
    • When Connect started you were asked to give Adobe FlashPlayer access to your webcam and microphone. If you clicked “Deny”, you need to allow flash to access these resources.
    • Check your Flash Settings and verify that the correct microphones and cameras are selected. They appear as icons at the bottom of your window.