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What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a collaboration tool that includes video conferencing, application sharing, live polling, chat, whiteboards, and presentations. You can use your desktop to host live, synchronous interactions with small or large groups.

Using Adobe Connect, you and other meeting attendees can join a live, on-line meeting from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a browser, Flash Player plug-in, and an Internet connection. A meeting can have as few as two or as many as several hundred attendees.

JHU Attendee Limit for Adobe Connect

Keep in mind that our license for Adobe Connect limits us to 500 concurrent users. Once there are 500 users on the Adobe Connect server, no additional users will be able to join.

About Meeting Rooms
A meeting room is an online application that you join by using your web browser to navigate to a specific URL. Once in a meeting, you can see and hear various types of media, such as a live video broadcast of the Presenter, a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or a video. In real time, presenters can demonstrate software on the computer or use a white board to draw or annotate images or text.

An Adobe Connect meeting room exists before a scheduled meeting time and continues to exist after the scheduled meeting time has passed. A meeting room can be used over and over. The Host can leave the meeting room open or closed between scheduled meetings. If a meeting room is open between meetings, you can enter the room at any time to view content or meet with other group members.

Uses of Adobe Connect
The Adobe Connect service has been deployed by IT @ Johns Hopkins to meet the needs of members of the Johns Hopkins community who would like to use web conferencing for:

  • Faculty classroom use, including online courses and degree programs, as well as online office hours
  • Ad-hoc meeting and collaboration
  • Training and professional development

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