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What is Adobe Presenter?

Adobe Presenter is a Windows-only software tool for creating e-learning content and high-quality multimedia presentations.  Finished presentations are published in the Flash format (SWF file).  Presenter helps users to create and distribute information.

Product Information:

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need Adobe Presenter to use Adobe Connect?


Where can I get Adobe Presenter and how much does it cost?


Can I download a trial copy?


How do I configure Adobe Presenter to publish to JHU’s Adobe Connect server?

You will need to provide the Adobe Connect server URL:

Adobe Presenter will make a browser-like connection to the Adobe Connect server.

Note: When you get to the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Authentication screen, choose ‘Click here for Non-JavaScript version’. And log in that way.

Is Adobe Presenter available for the Mac?

No.  In order to use Adobe Presenter on a Macintosh, you would need to run it in Windows in either Bootcamp, or in a virtual environment like Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion.

Where can I find product documentation for Adobe Presenter?


Where can I learn more about Adobe Presenter?

Visit the Adobe Presenter resources page on Adobe’s website.