Add a Piazza Link to Your Blackboard Course

What Is Piazza?

Piazza is an online platform that facilitates interaction among students. It started as a way to help students who were stuck on homework problems get unstuck with the help of their classmates, TAs, and professors.

Over time, with valuable feedback from thousands of instructors, the product has evolved to become a centralized place for instructors to conduct all class related communication where…

  • you can answer students’ questions once for all students to see
  • your students can engage with classmates in online discussion
  • you can post class related announcements
  • you can post class files, resources and the class syllabus
  • you can conduct polls to get a sense of where students stand
  • you can receive/send private messages from/to students on more sensitive subject matters

For more information, see Piazza’s product overview page.

How to Add a Piazza Link to Your Blackboard Course

  1. Browse to your course in Blackboard.
  2. From your course menu, click on a content folder link, such as Content or Course Materials.
  3. Hover on Build Content and select Web Link to add the link
    • Enter a name for the link, such as Piazza
    • Enter this URL:
    • Check the box for This link is to a Tool Provider

      The Web Link Information form filled out for adding Piazza as a Tool Provider in Blackboard.
    • We recommend opening the Piazza link in a new window so you do not lose the Blackboard course navigation. Under Web Link Options, set Open in New Window: Yes

      Under Web Link Options, Open in New Window is set to Yes
    • Click Submit.
    • You will now see a Piazza link in the content folder where you added it.

      A Piazza web link in a Blackboard content area
  4. Click the newly created Piazza link in your course to continue. Follow the prompts to be emailed a verification code which you will enter into Piazza to finalize the setup.

    Note: Students will not be able to access Piazza until you complete this step.

  5. To add a Piazza link to your course menu, click the plus sign in the upper left of your course menu in Blackboard and select Course Link. Browse for the Piazza link you created inside your course, make it available to users, and click Submit.