Blackboard What is New – 9.1 Q2 2018 Cumulative Update 10

We upgraded to Blackboard Learn™ 9.1 Q2 2018 CU10 on 06/07/2019.

Release Highlights

Blackboard Learn Cumulative Updates are focused specifically on changes where a tool or feature is not functioning as designed (software bugs), for performance, or to harden security. New functionality is not introduced as part of a Cumulative Update. There is an intent to minimize change to user interfaces as part of these Cumulative Updates so there is not an impact to end user support or documentation. Exceptions are occasionally made—for security hardening and performance in particular.

Deprecated Items

  • MSIE 11 will no longer be supported by JHU. Microsoft ended active development for Internet Explorer in January 2016. Over time, we have found more features of Learn no longer work properly with IE11 and Blackboard will not resolve issues specific to IE11. We recommend an alternate browser, e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox.