Blackboard Enhancements

We have heard some great suggestions from faculty and students on how to enhance the product. Here is some of the feedback we have passed on to Blackboard.

Note: anyone can submit a product enhancement to Blackboard at


Multiple Submission Attempts

Detailed description: When you have an Assignment which allows multiple submissions, let the instructor choose to retain all student attempts or just the most recent (e.g., overwrite all prior attempts with the most recent)


Exportable Blogs

Detailed description: Faculty: I used a course blog this semester and would like to create a file of the entries to at (mine, at least)so thatI have a record of the links I provided to students, the videos, etc.

The current archive feature does encapsulate blog material, but not in a very meaningful (to human) format.

Propose: something more like portfolio export where you have a zip of files and the structure of the blog posts.


Tests Results available to students only in same session as when the exam was submitted

Detailed description: We have a school that has strict requirements around exam availability to students. Students are not allowed to print or keep any copy of an exam during or after an exam period is over. The school would like to provide immediate feedback to the student by displaying their exam results along with the correct answers. However they do not want the students to have access to the questions and answers after they’ve left the classroom for fear of the exam being printed or shared with others.

We would like to see Blackboard match QuestionMark’s capability of allow feedback to be provided immediately only (or perhaps for a few minutes after exam submission) but not again after that period or session has ended.

Grade Center

Let instructors use My Grades to get to Grade Center

Detailed description: Our faculty suggested that the My Grades (which doesn’t do anything for instructors other than give an error) be linked to Grade Center if your role is one that allows access to Grade Center (e.g., instructor, teaching assistant, grader).

Weighted Column – Adding Categories improve layout

Detailed description: When adding Categories in Grade Center’s Weighted Column screen, it can display overlapping text when the screen resolution is below 1280×800 (normal font size in typical browsers).  Improve the text layout to accommodate smaller screens.

Grade Center paging

Detailed description: Faculty suggested improvements to Grade Center to allow easier ways to find and/or page to students. In CE4, you could at least see the groups of pages with some context (e.g., student nameAAA – student nameBBB), in Bb9 you only get page numbers and have to guess how far to jump to get to a group of students. They suggested a rolodex (a-z) or a search by student name.


Groups tool, large courses need sorting options for member selection

Detailed description: Faculty in large courses (100+ students):  When creating a group in Blackboard, where the instructor manually adds the students to the group, the names of the students are listed and ordered by first name. This is problematic for large courses with many students. There does not appear to be a way to sort by last name or any other way.

Learning Modules

Taking a quiz within a Learning Module/Unit should not lose your position within the unit

Detailed description: In a learning module with an embedded quiz, after the quiz is taken and the student has viewed the results and clicked OK, the module takes the student back to the beginning page of the module, instead of staying in sequence. This happens when the sequential viewing option is turned on or off. We would rather have the student stay in sequence after taking the quiz.


Allow course level control of email notifications

Detailed description: Individuals can control their own notifications, but there is no way for faculty to control notifications (e.g., disable) for the entire course.

Text Book

Textbook search – allow override of price

Detailed description: Faculty – would like to use the search for textbook, but the price that is returned may not match what our bookstore has. Please allow faculty to override – change/hide book price.

User Interface

Editing and Submitting a Blank Page should not switch Edit Mode Off

Detailed description: When the faculty member edits a Blank Page and submits, the Edit Mode changes to Off by default. Faculty would prefer that Edit Mode stay on.

Adaptive Release allow for strictly less than or greater than, decimal score

Detailed description: Faculty member wants to use adaptive release for students who got a grade below 9 out of 10. She wants to keep out those who scored 9.0. Adaptive Release currently requires “less than or equal to”. She cannot use a non-integer, e.g, “less than or equal to” score “8.9”.  Request to add strictly “less than” or “greater than”. And allow for decimal scores, e.g., “8.9”

Display Server’s Timezone, Individual TimeZone settings

Detailed description: We have students/faculty in different parts of the world. The date/time set for adaptive release, assignments, etc. would be our local server time, and not reflected in the timezone for the user.

At the very least, we would like Blackboard to display the server’s timezone (so there’s no confusion who’s time it is).
e.g., Display After: 10/06/2010 11:25AM (EDT)

Then, allow the individual to set their own local time zone. And so any display of date/time would take in their local timezone.