ARES E-Reserves LTI

Post-upgrade to Blackboard Learn 3900, we learned that the older E-Reserves Building Block integration no longer worked. If your course uses the older integration, you now see an error “Unable to compile class for JSP”, e.g.,

Error message Unable to compile class for JSP

There is a newer “E-Reserves LTI” integration that replaces the legacy integration.

Steps to add the ARES “E-Reserves LTI” link to your Course Menu.

1. Click on the Plus sign at the top of the Course Menu
Add to Course Menu

2. From the drop-down list, select the option “Tool Link”

Select Tool Link from menu

3. On the Add Tool Link form:
a. Name: Give it a name, e.g., E-Reserves LTI
b. Type: Select E-Reserves LTI from the list
c. CHECK : Available to Users
d. Submit

Add Tool Link for E-Reserves LTI

4. You should now have an “E-Reserves LTI” tool link on your Course Menu.

Note: You can re-position the tool link on your Course Menu.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to your School’s faculty/technical support.