Adding LinkedIn Learning Content to Blackboard

There are two ways to add LinkedIn Learning content to a course in Blackboard. You can either add a web link or search in the content market.

There are a few differences between these two methods:

  • Adding a web link allows you to add Points Possible and a Due Date to the content item. This adds a column to the Grade Center, allowing instructors to track whether students completed the item.
  • Searching for courses in the content market is simpler to set up. Adding a web link requires you to construct the SSO URL.
  • Searching for courses in the content market automatically populates the content item with the course title and description from LinkedIn Learning.
  • Overall, searching the content market is the easier method to use, but it lacks the ability to track scores in the Grade Center.

First, construct the SSO URL. This is done by taking the link to a course, e.g., and adding it to the end of
In this example, the full SSO URL would be

Next, add the web link to a course in Blackboard:

  1. Go to a content area within a course
  2. Build Content > Web Link
    In a content area within a Blackboard course, select Build Content, then Web Link
  3. Set the URL to the SSO URL that you constructed, and check the Tool Provider checkbox. Optionally, enable evaluation to allow grading.
    Check the box for This link is to a Tool Provider
  4. Click Submit
    LinkedIn Learning web link content item

Searching in the Content Market

In order to search for LinkedIn Learning courses, the content market must first be enabled in the course.

  1. Go to the Course Menu > Customization > Tool Availability
    In the course menu, under Customization, select Tool Availability
  2. Enable Content Market and Content Market Tools
    Enable Content Market and Content Market Tools
  3. Click Submit

To add a link to a LinkedIn Learning course in Blackboard:

  1. Go to a content area within a course, and select Partner Content > Content Market
    In a course content area, select Partner Content, then select Content Market
  2. Click Browse all content providers
    Click on Browse all content providers
  3. Select LinkedIn Learning
    Select LinkedIn Learning
  4. Search for a course, select one or more, click Submit
    Search for a course and select one or more
  5. Click Submit
    LinkedIn Learning content item from the content market