Blackboard What Is New – 9.1 October 2014

We will soon be upgrading to the latest version of Blackboard Learn™, 9.1 October 2014, which will provide a more user friendly and modern experience for you as a daily user of the system.


October 2014 is primarily a maintenance release.

Learn 9.1 October 2014 Changes

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Calendar Individual users now have more choice about how their calendars are formatted both in the Calendar tool and when making date selections. They can alter the first day of the week that starts the calendar view in month and week views.Users can also now choose the Hijri Islamic lunar calendar.

A course list filter is now available in the calendar.

Content Editor The Content Editor spell check option is now ON by default. Instructor

Additional Information:

      • Starfish : After December 26, 2015, clicking the Starfish tab will redirect your browser to the Starfish website.  If you want to return to Blackboard, just enter the location once more.