What is New – Blackboard Learn 9.1 3900.26

Starting with this Learn 9.1 release, the name will shift from using the quarter/year as the name to a version number to align with the SaaS release model.

The 9.1 3900.0 release focuses on 4 of these areas:

  • Enhancements through platform features. Enhancements are delivered in the Original Experience through enhancements to platform features, capabilities not specific to the Original Experience. In some cases, these features can also be enhanced without requiring a Learn release upgrade. These features sometimes have differing timelines for global availability due to regional requirements for data storage and handling.
  • Iterative feature improvements. Enhancements to existing features in the Original Experience or are implemented as part of work for the Ultra Experience.
  • Standards and Interoperability. As a leader in openness, Blackboard continues to invest in expanding support for standards and interoperability within Learn in order to give institutions increasing options for expanding and defining their unique EdTech platforms.
  • Quality and Maintenance. Blackboard continues to make changes to technologies and processes to further improve quality. This includes improvements to security frameworks and processes to achieve various security certifications, performance improvements, changes to address compliance with ever-evolving global regulations, and updating technologies and libraries used within the application.

Enhanced Content Editor

Blackboard Learn 9.1 3900.0

This release introduces big changes to the Content Editor in the Original Course View including numerous simplifications and improvements:

  • The Power of Plus – One easy menu for adding content from your computer, cloud storage, or integrated tool. The Content Editor will automatically recognize the kinds of files you add.
  • Better for All Devices – The editor is better suited for all devices—small screen or big. Pop-ups are gone for a better mobile experience.
  • Improved Accessibility – The editor is more accessible, and a new accessibility checker helps authors make content more accessible. Ally not required. Compliments Ally use.
  • Better Copy and Paste – Pasting content from Word, Excel, and websites is even better. You can choose to remove extra HTML but retain basic formatting.
  • Simple Embed – When pasting links to websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, the videos are automatically embedded for inline playback. Similar to social media sites or collaborative services like Slack and Yammer, website links that express a meta description will display a summary preview card.
  • Display Computer Code – Authors can now share formatted computer code snippets, super handy for computer science classes and coding clubs.
  • Easy Text Wrapping – Flow text next to images by selecting an image and choosing left or right justification. Text will wrap next to the image using the float style which is both mobile responsive and accessible.


Blackboard is utilizing TinyMCE 5.3.2 for its new content editor. TinyMCE is a flexible rich text editor that instructors will use when adding content to their Blackboard Courses.  It looks and feels like current rich text editors that are used across the Internet today.

Some Highlights

New toolbar:

Enhanced Content Editor buttons displayed

Button Description
Add Content button Add Content: this takes the place of Blackboard’s Mashups menu in the old editor.  Here is where you will find ways to embed things like:

  • Images
  • YouTube Videos
  • Panopto / Kaltura Videos
  • and more
Insert a Math Equation - MathType Insert Equation: MathType Equation Editor
Source Code button Source Code Editor: HTML Editor with color coding.
Blackboard Ally now supports Instructor Feedback for Rich Text Editor content. The Rich Text Editor (RTE) instructor feedback will give course editors a live accessibility score on their RTE content and guidance on how to fix issues. (Enabled in Production Blackboard on January 20, 2022).

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