Microsoft Teams

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For general information see MS Teams at JHU

Request Microsoft Teams for a SIS Section

  1. School Registrar or other designated representative checks the MS Teams Usage section misc field
    MS Teams Usage Section Misc field in SIS
  2. After our SIS to MS Teams process runs, the instructor can log into, and should see a Class Team for that section (e.g., EN.675.700.81.FA19)
  3. The instructor will then click the Activate button for the team. Activate button in MS Teams
  4. Notifications will be sent to other Team members (in the O365 group) when the instructor has activated the team space.
    • From: Microsoft Teams <>
    • Subject: You have been added to a class team in Microsoft Teams

Team Management

Team Types

JHU’s SIS to MS Teams process creates a Class Team.

More info on team types can be found at

Team Roles

  • Owners (also known as Teachers)
    • Instructor(s) will be Team Owner(s)
    • They will be able to manage the Teams; a Team will only be created once the Teacher opts-in
    • This will add the other members (co-Teachers, Students) to the Team
    • Owners can add additional Student(s) or Teacher(s) manually
    • Owners can change the name of the Team
    • Owners can archive (and unarchive) their Teams (at the end of their term).
    • Note: each Team MUST have at least one Owner; the SIS to MS Teams process will fail otherwise
  • Members
    • Students will be the typical Team Members
  • Guests
    • Owners can invite someone outside the organization into Microsoft Teams
    • Guests can either be Students or Teachers in a Class Team

Additional info on team roles can be found at

Team Enrollments

JHU’s SIS to MS Teams process will do the following:

  • Add students and instructors from selected SIS sections as members of an O365 group
  • Instructors will automatically be added as owners
  • If enrollment changes (add/drop), it should be reflected in the group membership

Team Expiration/Archiving (WORK IN PROGRESS)

There are three cleanup actions we can “manually” do:

  • Expire – renames the Team with “Expmmyy_”, e.g, Exp1119_EN.595.660.61.SU19
  • Archive – The conversations and files within the Teams become read-only once archived. You’ll still be able to search and read through the stuff you need — you can even keep it as a favorite. Once a Class Team is Archived, the teacher can still go into Teams and restore it as needed.
  • Remove students

Possible JHU MS Teams policy? Expire and/or Archive teams one year after they are created.


  • Owners will get notified via email (from Microsoft Online Services Team <>)
  • Two weeks before the team is set to expire
  • When the team is deleted
    • Subject: “Attention: EN.675.600.85.FA19 was deleted. Restore it by March 19, 2020”
    • Owner(s) have the ability to “Restore group”