Select a Layout and Other Preferences

There are various Pods and features of the Adobe Connect meeting room that allow the host to create a unique, collaborative environment. For most meetings, one of Adobe Connect’s three default layouts will suffice, however, you can create your own layout and use various pods.

Default Layouts

Sharing Layout

This layout displays the following Pods: 

Attendees: A list of all attendees currently in the Meeting Room 

Chat: Choose to chat with the entire room, or to an individual attendee. Simply change the To column to specify. 

Video: Use this pod to video broadcast to the meeting room. 

Sharing: You may select to have the attendees see your Computer Screen or a specific uploaded Document. The Whiteboard is an interactive learning tool that can be seen by every attendee.

Discussion Layout

This layout has the chat, video, and attendees Pods seen in the Sharing layout. However, there are also several different features (Pods) from the Sharing layout, which include: 

Discussion Notes: A Pod which allows discussion to occur between multiple attendees. 

Poll: Ask the Meeting Room a question using this Pod. You may create multiple choices or multiple answers to the question. To use this feature, simply click Prepare, type in the question and answers if multiple choice, select Open Poll to open the question to the class, and Close Poll to end voting.

Collaboration Layout

The last layout you can view is the Collaboration layout. This layout contains a mix of Pods from both the Sharing and Discussion layouts. However, in this layout you have the option to: 

File share: Upload a file and share it with the Meeting Room.

Create a Layout

From the Layouts tab, click Create New Layout.
This pop up will give you two options: 

– Create a new blank layout 
– Duplicate an existing layout 

Select an option, enter the name of your new layout, and click Done.
If you selected create a new blank layout, you can 
add Pods to create your unique layout by clicking the Pods tab at the top of the screen. 

You can add Pods to duplicated layouts as well.

Pods can be moved within the space by clicking and dragging. Additionally, you can change the size of the Pod by clicking on the edges.

If you do not want to move/resize pods, simply uncheck the Move and Resize Pods option in the Layout tab.

Manage Layouts

This feature allows you to organize the order that the various layouts appear in your Layouts tab. Additionally, here you can delete or rename layouts.

From the Layouts tab at the top of the screen, click Manage Layouts.
In this pop up window, you can do the the following things to manage your layouts: 

– Use the arrows to change the order that the layouts will appear in the Layouts tab. 

– Click on a layout and click Rename to change the name. 

– Click on a layout and click Delete to remove the layout. 

Once you have finished managing your layouts, save your changes by clicking Done.