My JCard

What is J-Card?

Your J-Card is your passport to everything JHU:

    • You’ll use it for dorm and door access, meal plans, purchasing things with J-Cash and Dining Dollars, and much more.
    • You’ll also used to check books out of the library and for campus transportation like the Blue Jay Shuttle and JHMI.

What can I use my J-Card for?

How do I open a J-Cash Account?

    • J-Cash is a prepaid account that is available as soon as you deposit funds to your J-Card.
    • You can deposit funds by credit card to deposit stations located throughout the campus and online using J-Card Online or
    • By Logging into SIS Self-Service and clicking on Add J-Cash link in the My J-Card page.

How do I get my J-Card?

    • New freshmen will get their J-Card with their Housing packet when they arrive for Orientation.
    • Part-time students can check their school’s website for how to request a card.
    • Faculty and staff are welcome to stop by the J-Card Office.

How and when can I contact the J-Card Office?

    • You can email us at, call us at 410-516-5121, or visit our website at
    • Our office is open Monday-Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM and is located at 3400 North Charles Street 51 Garland Hall Baltimore, MD 21218.

What do I do if my J-Card is lost or stolen?

Immediately report your card lost or stolen by:

    • Logging into SIS Self-Service and clicking on Freeze J-Card link in the My J-Card page.
    • Logging into J-Card Mobile, tapping on the “My J-Card” icon, and selecting “Card Management”
    • Contacting the J-Card Office at or 410-516-5121 during business hours, or Security at 410-516-4600 after hours.

How do I get a replacement J-Card?

    • During business hours, replacement cards can be purchased for $20 from the J-Card Office.
    • After hours, the Housing Office can issue a temporary access card for students living in the dorms which can be used until a replacement card is printed.

What if I find my J-Card?

If you find your J-Card after you have frozen it, you can “defrost” it by:

    • On J-Card Mobile, Select “My J-Card”, Select “Card Management”, Select “Defrost Card”.
    • Logging into SIS Self-Service and clicking on UnFreeze J-Card link in the My J-Card page.
    • During business hours, call the J-Card Office at 410-516-5121.
    • After hours, call Security at 410-516-4600.

How do I add J-Cash to my J-Card?

    • Students can deposit J-Cash online here at J-Card Online or by logging into SIS Self-Service, going to the Personal Info tab, and selecting the J-Card menu item.
    • Additionally, J-Cash can be added at the Deposit/Transfer stations; by mail (see contact information above); or by phone at 410-516-5121. J-Cash cannot be withdrawn from the J-Card.

Who can make a Guest Deposit?

Anyone can add money to a J-Card. Students and Authorized users who have access to SIS Self-Service can add J-Cash there. Anyone else who does not have access to the Personal info section in SIS Self-Service can add money through a Guest deposit. This includes staff, faculty members, advisors, and other family members.

Where can I access the Guest Deposit?

Anyone can access Guest Deposits here. You can then use the Make a Guest Deposit button to add money to your student’s J-Card.

How can I check my Dining Dollars and/or J-Cash balance?

You can check your Dining Dollars by

    • Logging into SIS Self-Service.
    • By Using the J-Card Mobile app which will display your Dining Dollars and/or J-Cash balance at the top of the page after you log in.
    • At the registers and on your receipt wherever Dining Dollars and/or J-Cash is accepted.
    • Performing a “Balance Check” at one of the Deposit/Transfer stations located throughout the campus.

How can I review my J-Cash Transaction History?

You can view your J-Cash Transaction History by

    • By logging into SIS Self-Service and accessing the Statements in the My J-Card page.
    • Online here at J-Card Online
    • By using the J-Card Mobile app which will display your J-Cash transactions after logging in by tapping the “My J-Card” icon and selecting “J-Cash Transaction History.”

How do I know which doors I have access to?

    • J-Card Mobile will display your access by tapping the “My Access” icon.

How do I check my meal plan information?

You can view your meal plan information

    • By logging into SIS Self-Service and accessing the My J-Card page or
    • By using the J-Card Mobile app which will display your meal plan balance after logging in by tapping the “Housing and Dining” icon and selecting “Meal Plan Information.”

What happens to my J-Cash balance at the end of the year?

    • Your J-Cash does not expire and is carried over to the next semester and the next academic year.
    • Refunds over $25 are issued when a student graduates or leaves the school.

How do I reserve an event reader for a club/department event?

    • You can email to reserve an event reader. Readers will be available on a first come, first served basis. Your club or department’s budget number is required when reserving an event reader. The club’s or department’s budget will be charged if the equipment is damaged, lost or stolen while it is in your custody. Amounts vary on depending on the device borrowed. Late return of the device will result in a $25 per day charge to your organization’s budget.

Where can I find the J-Card Mobile app?

What do the abbreviations stand for on the Account Summary?



eAccounts Online deposit made through J-Card Online deposit system
Canteen Vending Snack vending machine
SEQ CBRC Levering Coffee Shop – Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company
SEQ CSM Charles Street Market
SEQ FFC Fresh Food Court
SEQ MKT Lev Levering Market Place
SEQ NOL Nolan’s
SEQ SMB Stone Mill Bakery