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VoiceThread Known Issues

Authentication Issues

VoiceThread Account Verification

  • You get a screen stating “You already have a VoiceThread account under the email address To continue to Johns Hopkins University, please enter your VoiceThread password.”

1. From the verification page, click on the link that says “Set it here”. This will take you to the password-reset page.

2. Enter the email address to have the password-reset email sent. (note: email must be deliverable)

3. Check your email to retrieve that message and set a password.

Note: If you do not receive the email to reset password, check your SPAM/JUNK mail folder.

4. Clear Browser cookies and caches; quit Browser windows.

5. Go back to the VoiceThread link again.

6. Enter that password on the verification page.

Browser Issues

Trouble shooting with Internet Explorer 9

  • VoiceThread not Opening VTs & LTI Link Not Working in Blackboard
  • There are two ways to resolve this issue:

1. Accept ALL third-party cookies (which can be seen as a security risk)

a. Go to Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced
b. CHECK – Override automatic cookie handling
c. Third-Party Cookies – CHECK Accept
d. Click on OK

2. Add https://* to trusted sites.

a. Go to Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites
b. Click on Sites
c. in the Add this website to the zone: enter https://*
d. Click on Add
e. Click on Close