Support and Help

Vendor Support

With a Qualtrics account in the JH enterprise license, you can contact Qualtrics directly for support with their product. This would include technical assistance with the system, survey platform, and questions around features and other functionality.

To get in contact with their support team, please navigate to

Note: In order to contact their support team, you must be logged into your Qualtrics account. Below are steps to contact support from within your Qualtrics account:

  1. Login into your Qualtrics account at
  2. Click the Help icon in the top right corner.
  3. Help icon

    • To visit their support site which features how-to articles, training, and support guides, please select Support Site
    • To get in touch with their technical support team, please select Contact Support
    • Support site and contact support help options

    • If prompted to sign in when attempting to Contact Support, use the Sign in with SSO option for JHED-based user accounts and enter jh for the Organization ID. Otherwise, enter your Qualtrics username and password
    • Sign in with SSOCompany Organization ID

  4. Once logged in, you will be able to select the nature of your support request, which area of the Qualtrics product you are referencing, and then a contact method (chat, email, or phone).

JH Qualtrics Administrators

The JH Qualtrics enterprise consists of both primary or “brand” administrators as well as divisional administrators, who manage their users within a Qualtrics division under the main license. These administrators can typically assist you with access and permission-based support needs, transferring content ownership between users, and other general questions about the product.

To get in contact with the JH Qualtrics Administrators, please submit a Support Request.

If you require assistance and your account is part of an external Qualtrics instance (not within, please refer to Support by Qualtrics Instance for your appropriate support contact.