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Departmental Graduate Aid (DGA) is the process by which a department plans and awards funds to their graduate or undergraduate students. Department awards may include tuition and fees support, stipends, and fellowships. The entries of salary and fellowships amounts provide departments with a complete award planning tool for departmental graduate aid.

Unlike traditional financial aid awards which are handled through the financial aid system, the amount and source of DGA money may differ by student and by award. Due to the complexity and variations, it cannot be managed using rules or algorithms that are used for traditional financial aid processing.

Note: Depending on your division, salary and fellowships will continue to be paid through the current payroll process.

While graduate aid related to tuition and fees flows through the Student Accounts Office, graduate departments track several other key elements such as stipends and fellowships. These types of awards will never flow through to student billing or to payroll, but the amounts of each may be critical for divisional reporting purposes. Remember, salary and fellowships amounts provide complete award planning for departmental graduate aid. Salary and fellowships will continue to be paid through the current payroll process.

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