Zoom Desktop Client Setup

Downloading the Zoom Desktop Client

Go to Zoom’s Download Center to download the Zoom Client for Meetings.

Zoom Download Center

Note: if you do not have administrative privileges to install the desktop client, contact your LAN Admin/Desktop Support team to install the desktop client package on your computer.

Logging in to the Zoom Desktop Client

Click Sign In, then click Sign In with SSO.
Desktop client start screenDesktop client sign in screen

Enter “JH” for the company domain.

Desktop client sign in screen - enter your company domain

You will be directed to the Johns Hopkins Sign in page. Sign in with your JHEDID@jh.edu credentials.

with your JHEDID@jh.edu

Upon successful authentication, the Zoom client will load the Home screen.

Desktop client home page after signing in

Accessing Zoom Meetings

Click on the Meetings tab to view your upcoming meetings and your previously recorded meetings.

Location of Meetings tab in banner

Meetings tab

General Settings

Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner to change your settings.

Location of gear icon

Side by side Mac and Windows General Settings

Video Preferences

Video settings

Audio Preferences

Audio settings

Virtual Background

Virtual background settings

Recording Preferences

Recording settings

Advanced Features

Clicking on View Advanced Features will open Zoom in your browser, where you can view all settings.

Advanced features

View Statistics

Here you can view your meeting statistics. For more information, see this article.

Overall, audio, video, and screen sharing statistics.

Share Instant Feedback

Here you can share feedback directly with Zoom.

Enter your ideas, comments, and suggestions, and submit your feedback to Zoom.