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What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is web-based presentation software that allows users to create and share interactive multimedia slideshows. VoiceThread presentations are used to showcase audio, video, images, and documents while allowing users to comment on them in a variety of different ways. The result is a digital conversation that can be easily shared with individuals, groups, and/or embedded into different websites, including Blackboard, the learning management system used here at Johns Hopkins.

Johns Hopkins has licensed VoiceThread to gives us the following features:

    • authentication with our Johns Hopkins Enterprise Authentication
    • integration with Student Information Systems enrollments
    • integration with Blackboard
    • ‘Basic’ accounts for JHU affiliates
    • a certain number of ‘Pro’ accounts
    • ability to create Groups
    • ability to share securely
    • unlimited number of VoiceThreads
    • ability to upload audio files as comments
    • more storage capacity

More information:

Computer Requirements:

    • Adobe Flash
    • Browser – must accept cookies
    • Microphone – optional, but highly suggested
    • Webcam – optional

Setting up your Microphone:

If you intend to use the audio commenting feature, you will need a working microphone. To do this, we highly suggest you use a USB headset microphone. If you have ever participated in a LiveTalk or Adobe Connect session, the same mic can be used. You can also use the microphone that is built in to your computer. Please see the following linked instructions to set up a microphone on your Mac or PC.

Logging into VoiceThread

There are two main ways to access JHU’s VoiceThread

    1. Blackboard instructors: you can use the Adding a VoiceThread Presentation to Blackboard steps and that will just add a link in your Blackboard course for students
    2. Others: You can go to directly to and login with your JHED ID and password.

If you already have a free VoiceThread account outside of JHU, you may see a notification that you need to merge your old account into the new JHU account. Simply enter your email address to continue. You will then be directed to the VoiceThread home page, where you should see any VoiceThreads you previously created or subscribed to.

VoiceThread Account Verification

If you have previously logged into AND you have started using the VoiceThread tool within Blackboard, you may initially get prompted for VoiceThread Account Verification. See VoiceThread Known Issues

Using Mobile App

If you are using the Voicethread Mobile app you need to change the default domain to our

  1. On the Account page click on Settings
  2. On App Settings Domain: (default)
  3. change it to
  4. Save
  5. THEN when you sign in on the Account page, it will use our JHU Enterprise Auth login page.


For Instructors

What’s the difference between Basic and Pro Accounts?

By default, anyone who can log into will get a Basic account.  Instructors will want to get upgraded to a Pro account.

Create Groups Yes No
Number of VoiceThreads Unlimited 50
Upload audio files as comments Yes Yes
Slides per VoiceThread 500 500

How do I request to be upgraded Pro account?