Account Migration Resources

Johns Hopkins has established an enterprise license of the Qualtrics survey platform. Outside of this central instance (also known as “brand”), there are approximately 18 other brands affiliated with Johns Hopkins. Users of those external brands have two options to get their account migrated to the central brand. Below you will find resources and steps you should review and follow to ensure a smooth account migration.

Self Migration vs Automated Migration

Users of external brands have the ability to complete a “self-migration” of their account into the enterprise at anytime they wish to do so. Please keep in mind that this is a separate process from the account migrations that Qualtrics technical support offers. Self-migrations entail exporting content out of the user’s current account and importing the content into their enterprise account. Below you will find a table that outlines pros and cons associated with each migration method.

Migration Method Pros Cons
  • Self-paced
  • Ability to pick and choose which content to migrate
  • Survey downtime reduced
  • Distribution links are not preserved and will need to be recreated
  • Time consuming (dependent on content in account)
  • Personal library content not easily archivable
Migration provided from Qualtrics Support
  • Automated process once pre-migration steps have been completed
  • Personal libraries (graphics, files, etc.) are preserved
  • Anonymous links are preserved
  • Account migrations could take some time to complete (days to weeks)
  • Surveys will need to be paused for a duration of time, dependent on your estimated migration date
  • All pre-migration steps need to be completed before account migration date

If you are interested in completing a self-migration of your account or simply want to learn how to export/import surveys and responses, please review the Self-Migration Steps directly below:

  1. Establish your enterprise Qualtrics account (if not already established) by visiting Qualtrics User Types and Permissions.
  2. Pause Survey Reponses Collection for surveys you plan to migrate to ensure you are not collecting responses while migrating.
  3. Review Exporting and Importing Qualtrics Surveys to export surveys from the external account and import them into the enterprise account.
  4. Review Exporting and Importing Response Data for steps on how to export data from the external account. Like the surveys, these exported data files will also need to be uploaded to the enterprise account.
  5. Once your surveys have been imported into the enterprise account, you will need to recreate any distribution links and distribute accordingly. Refer to Distributions Basic Overview.
  6. For other Qualtrics items beyond surveys and responses, please refer to both the pre and post-migration steps below for steps on how to reconfigure these items.

If you are interested in having the Qualtrics technical team migrate your account, please create a support ticket with Qualtrics by following the steps outlined on the following support page. Within your request, please indicate that you are planning to migrate your external account to the brand.

In-Scope / Out-of-Scope Migration Items

To better understand what will and will not migrate as part of a migration provided by Qualtrics, please review both the In-Scope and Out-of-Scope Qualtrics items below:

In-Scope Out-of-Scope
  • Surveys
  • Survey responses/data
  • Anonymous survey links
  • Personal libraries
  • Dashboards
  • Contacts
  • Survey workflows
  • Project Collaboration Uses and Settings
  • SMS Distributions
  • Tickets
  • Text IQ and Stats IQ
  • SSO
  • Survey Reports / Report Settings
  • Project Folders
  • Data Isolation
  • Third Party Integrations/API Calls
  • Themes

Pre-Migration Steps

Prior to the account migration, you will need to review and complete the following steps in your current Qualtrics account:

  1. Surveys/Distributions: Surveys and distributions will need to be paused. This only applies to any currently active surveys you may be working on.
  2. Reports: If you have created any reports, you will need to export the results. The report itself will need to be recreated in the new enterprise account along with any report settings, including report definitions and schedules.
  3. Survey Links: Personal links used for survey distribution will break after the account migration. These links will need to be recreated and redistributed to the user(s) if survey responses are required.
    • Anonymous survey links will continue to work post-migration.
  4. Project/Survey Collaboration: Take note of the users you are sharing surveys/collaborating with as these collaboration will need to be recreated in the enterprise brand. We’d advise taking screenshots of your current collaborations which can be found under your survey project by navigating to Tools > Collaborate
  5. Contact Lists: Export any contact lists that you want to retain. Refer to exporting contact list(s) in Qualtrics.
    • Save these locally on your machine so they can be uploaded to the enterprise account post-migration.
  6. Project Folders: Project folders will not migrate and need to be recreated after the migration.
    • We’d advise taking note of these folders by capturing screenshots.
  7. Group Libraries: Group Libraries can be migrated by copying the Group Library content to a specified user account/test user account. Once your current account has been migrated to the new brand, you can then recreate the Group Library and copy content back into it from the specified/test user.
    • Any surveys that were migrated utilizing group library content will need to be updated post-migration to reference the new group library location and content.
  8. API/Third Party Integrations: Review any survey workflows that may be utilizing APIs and/or third-party integrations (such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Tableau. etc.). These API requests and integrations will need to be reconfigured in the enterprise brand. We’d advise taking note of these API calls/integrations by capturing screenshots, if necessary.
  9. Triggers, Actions, Workflows: Take note of any Triggers/Actions/Tickets/Workflows that will need to be reconfigured. We’d advise taking note of these items by capturing screenshots, if necessary.
  10. Dashboards: Dashboards will not be migrated, but current content can be exported for later recreation.
  11. Text IQ: If your current brand is licensed for Text IQ, export Text IQ Topics from the desired survey(s). Make a note of the associated survey(s).

Post-Migration Steps

Once your Qualtrics account has been migrated to the enterprise brand, please review and complete the below steps to finish configuring your migrated surveys and any related content.

  1. Review any surveys that were migrated. Ensure that they look and function as they did prior to the migration. Double check that ALL surveys were migrated in addition to collected responses for each. If you find any issues during this review, please submit a support request immediately. DO NOT proceed with the remaining steps if issues have been found. Please contact Qualtrics support directly for assistance..
  2. Reactivate any paused surveys and distributions.
    • Personal links will need to be regenerated and redistributed.
    • Anonymous links will continue to work as they did prior to the account migration.
  3. Import and contacts and contact lists that you may have exported previously.
  4. Recreate any project folders previously established.
  5. Group Libraries
    • If the group library content was migrated to a test user prior to the migration, you will need to recreate the group library and add the content back.
    • Any surveys that were migrated utilizing group library content will need to be updated to reference the new group library location and content.
  6. If any of your surveys are utilizing Survey Actions, you will need to reconfigure these actions as necessary.
  7. Update the “Look & Feel” settings for any of your migrated surveys.
    • This includes themes that may have migrated as well.
  8. Recreate dashboards that did not migrate and ensure they are linked properly to the source surveys.
  9. Recreate any reports and report settings, including the report definitions, schedules, etc.
  10. Update your collaboration settings and re-add any users or collaborators previously configured.
  11. Reconfigure APIs and/or third-party Integrations as necessary. Test each API call to ensure they are working as expected.
  12. Import Text IQ Topics to surveys.

Support and Help

For support and help with your external Qualtrics account (i.e. non-enterprise account), please refer to the Support by Qualtrics Instance help page for the appropriate contact.

For support and help with the migration or enterprise account, please submit a support request.