Advisor Email Lists FAQ

When are the lists created?

The lists are created nightly when the Advisor has at least one Advisee and when the Advisor has their email address in SIS.

Who is on the list?

All of the Advisees for the Advisor will have their currently valid “Hopkins” email addresses included on the list. Additionally the “Hopkins” email address of the Advisor will also receive mail sent to the list.

Who can send to the list?

Anyone who is on the list.(see “Who is on the list?”) Additionally for the Advisors we include all the email addresses in SIS, all Types, Valid or Expired, as additional addresses which can send to the list. These additional addresses will never receive mail sent to the list, but they will allow Advisor to send to the list from additional Email Addresses.

Why can I not see a link to email my Advisor list?

This means that your list has not yet been created or has already been closed. The list will not be created if you have no Advisees or SIS has no email address for you. Please contact your Registrar Office if you have Advisees but you do not see a link to email your Advisees.

Why can I not send messages to my Advisor list?

You’ll need to contact your Registrar Office and request that they add the email address you’re trying to send from to your record in SIS. The email you received telling your message had not been sent to the list will tell you the exact email address that needs to be added. After your email address has been added you should wait 2 to 4 hours before attempting to resend your email to the list. If you still cannot use the list the day after your email address was added please contact your Registrar Office again for further assistance.

Students say they do not get emails I send to the list

The Advisor list includes “Hopkins” emails for all of the Students who are your Advisees. You can see the “Hopkins” email address for your students on your Advisee List in SIS. The Students can view their “Hopkins” email address using the “Personal Information” functionality in SIS and are responsible for checking this email address for all official email communications.