Adding a DGA Award

Sample DGA screen

  1. Search for a student.
  2. Click the View Details award year link.
  3. Click the Add DGA link.  The add DGA record fields are displayed.
  4. In the Transaction Code field, type a transaction code for the record. Once you begin typing, the LOV will appear as a pull-down menu.
  5. In the Term field, type the code for the academic period for the transaction, or use the pull-down menu that appears once you begin entering the code.
  6. The Effective Date defaults to today’s date. Remember this is the date that the DGA award will post to the student’s account.
  7. In the Amount field, type the dollar amount for the award.
  8. In the SAP Account (FN-GL-CO) field, type or use the LOV which is established by your GL Favorite Codes to enter the appropriate SAP account numbers.
  9. In the Source field, type or use the LOV to select the source of the funds for the transaction.
  10. Click Add.

The new transaction is added to the grid displaying all of DGA awards for the defined time period.