Running the DGA Transactions by Student Report

You can run the DGA report for a single student or a group of students using Hopkins IDs. When running the report for a group of students, you must separate the Hopkins IDs with a comma.

This report includes subtotals based on your Sort By selection. The Subtotals are provided for tuition support, fees support, salary/fellowship support, and the total DGA award package.

1. In the Actions region, click Reports.

2. Click DGA Transactions Report by Student.

The Student Transaction report parameters appear below.

3. In the Award Years field, select the academic years for which you wish to see data. Click the Select All box to get data for all available academic years. DGA data in SIS is only available since 2004-2005. Then choose a School(s) and Term(s).

4. Select Yes for Include Deleted? if you wish to see the deleted transactions on your report.

5. In the Sort By field, select Department, Budget Number or Student to determine how the records will be grouped on your report results. Note: Your Sort By selection determines how your subtotals will be displayed.

6. In the SIS ID field, type an SIS ID for a single student or a comma-separated list of SIS IDs for multiple students.

7. Click View Report.

Your report results are displayed.