Adding TAs To Email and Grading Rights

Giving your TAs Email and Grading Rights can’t be completed through SIS. This is a separate manual process. Please see specific information on how to do this for your school below.

If you are from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences/Whiting School of Engineering:

To Give Your TA’s Email Rights:

Please provide the following information to your department’s Academic Program or Scheduling Coordinator, who will submit the appropriate Schedule Change form:

    • Your TA’s full name, Hopkins IDs, and email addresses
    • Your course number and section number(s)

This information will provide access for the TAs to view the roster and email the students in the course(s). If the intention is only to add TA’s to Canvas or MS Teams and utilize communication functions within those applications, please see the Center for Educational Resources’ website for more information.

To Give Your TA’s Grading Rights:

    • Indicate your approval for the designated TAs to submit grades for your course.
    • Provide documentation from the Department Chair or the Director of Undergraduate Study (DUS) in your department to allow submission of your grades by the listed TA.

Department Coordinators can attach the approval to the Schedule Change form when submitting to have the TA added or grading rights changed.

If you are from the School of Public Health:

NOTE: TA’s who are current students can have Email Rights to see rosters and e-mail students.

To give your TA’s Email Rights

Email the Office of the Registrar, at

Please provide us with the following information to process your request:

    • Your TA’s full names, affiliation, Hopkins IDs, JHED Lid and email addresses
    • Your course number, section and term
    • Subject Line: TA’s Self-Service Email Rights
    • We will process access for the TA to view roster(s) and email the students in the course(s). They will not have access to grading.