How Do I View My Account Summary Online?

The Billing Summary page displays a summary of your account activity. It displays Current Balance, Current Balance Due ( Due Date), and Last Statement Balance (Closing Date).

Select Summary located under the Billing menuUnder the Billing Summary, the following actions can be performed:

Pay Your Bill:

Pay by eCheck

Pay by Paper Check

Pay by Credit Card – This action is not available for every school.

Pay by International Transfer Wire – JHU has engaged Western Union Business Solutions to facilitate the receipt of student fees from international students. This payment option allows you to pay the university your student account balance in the currency of your choice and provides a simple and secure method for initiating payments electronically. We encourage all international students to choose this cost effective and efficient method of payment to the Johns Hopkins University.

View Billing and Transaction Information:

Add/Delete Authorized Users:

Authorized Users


Sample Billing Summary page