How to View or Edit Authorized Users

SIS allows you to set up, edit, or delete an Authorized User. As a student, you can select the amount of information the authorized user can see in your SIS account. The Authorized User will only see the selected areas and will see them just as the student sees them.

Add Authorized User | Edit Authorized User | Delete Authorized User

The five areas you can grant permission for the Authorized User:

Academics (My Class Schedule):  The Authorized User will be able to see your current Class Schedule by default, as well as other class schedules from previous terms. The Authorized User can see the schedule by Enrollment Summary or by Weekly Calendar, just as the student would view the schedule.

Academics (My Grades): By default, the Authorized User will see all grades since enrollment at Johns Hopkins. This includes GPA and the number of credits earned.

Billing (Summary, Statements, Bill Pay): Creating an Authorized User with this feature allows the Viewer to view and pay student bills.

Financial Aid (Requirements, Aid Summary, Aid Info, Disbursement Info): The Authorized User is granted access to all of the student’s Financial Aid documents, and can access the documents that are required and/or need to be completed.

J-Card: Authorizes the J-Card office to discuss account and allows access to online card management (view transactions, deposit money, etc.)

To Add an Authorized User:

Adding an Authorized User - 1

    • Click the Authorized Users page located under Personal Info
      • Note: You can also get to the Authorized Users page by going to Billing > Authorized Users.
    • Click Add Authorized User link.
    • The Add/Update Authorized User page appears.
    • Enter information in the following required fields: First NameLast NameCreate a Login IDCreate a Password,Confirm Password, and Auth User’s Email.      
    • Select the Access Level.
    • Click the Add button.

Adding an Authorized User - 2

To Edit an Authorized User:

    • Click the Edit link to the right of the Authorized User’s name.
    • After making your changes on the next page, click the Update button.

To Delete an Authorized User:

    • Click the Delete link to the right of the Authorized User’s name.
    • A pop-up will appear asking, “Are you sure you want to delete…”
    • Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Edit or Delete Authorized User