Zoom Apps and Third Party Integrations

The Zoom App Marketplace allows third-party developers to build applications that leverage Zoom’s platform. By default, all applications require a review and approval process prior to being enabled.

Review Process

As part of the review process, we will assess the vendor’s information, review any app requirements/permissions needed, and attempt to test the integration. Because of the potential for unexpected consequences such as loss of data, unexpected exposure of information to other third parties, or unintentional access to the user’s computer and files, all app requests will be reviewed by IT Risk before being approved.

Subscriptions, Licensing, and Support

A subscription or license from the supporting vendor may be required to have full functionality of the app. If the app is approved, any additional fees must be procured by the requestor/requesting department.

Although each third party app must pass an evaluation by IT Risk, third party apps are not considered an enterprise offering and support requests should be directed to the vendor providing the app.

Approved and Rejected Apps

You can find a comprehensive list of already approved and rejected Zoom apps by reviewing the following document. If an app you are interested in is not listed on the document, it has not yet been reviewed. See below for steps on requesting a new app and/or requesting an already approved app.

Please note: App approvals are subaccount specific. To determine what subaccount your Zoom account is part of, refer to the Zoom Apps and Integrations FAQ.
  • Requesting an Already Approved App

    To request an already approved app or third-party integration, please visit and submit the following form: Request an already approved Zoom app/integration

    Please note: Some apps will require additional account settings changes/configurations that you must consent to before gaining access to the app. E.g. Calendly requires users to use one meeting security option, including a passcode, waiting room, or authentication to join. This requirement cannot be disabled or changed by the user.
  • Requesting a New App

    To request an app or third-party integration that has not yet been reviewed, please visit and submit the following form: Request a new Zoom app/integration. New app requests can take up to one month or longer for review, testing, and evaluation by IT Risk.

Support and Help

Questions or need support? Please submit a help desk ticket and a member of the Zoom support team will assist you.