Audio Options

Zoom meetings include VoIP and an integrated toll-based PSTN conference line which may negate the need for a separate conference line. The following describes ways to connect audio with a Zoom meeting:

Audio Type Audio Type Defined Fee Incurred
VoIP Join a Zoom meeting via computer-based audio. Requires an attached or built in microphone and speakers/headset.
  • Included in service for all users at no additional charge
Toll-Based Dial-In Join a Zoom meeting via teleconferencing/audio conferencing (using a traditional phone)
  • Included in service for all users at no additional charge
  • Users may incur long distance charges when dialing in
Toll-Free / Premium Audio Add-on Subscription for toll-free numbers, premium dial-in numbers for additional countries, call-out numbers, and dedicated dial-in numbers.

To learn more about Premium Audio, please visit Premium Audio Settings page.
  • Usage Based (per minute price varies by connection)
  • Host is responsible for usage fees
3rd Party Audio Uses a non-Zoom conference line for all meeting audio connections. When enabled, VOIP and audio connection types are disabled.
  • This audio type is not recommended as it limits the use of many Zoom features (i.e. VOIP disabled, Recordings won’t include audio)
  • Subject to any fees associated with the 3rd party conference line