Zoom Room Calendaring


  • Setting Up Zoom Rooms with Office 365
  • Prerequisites

    • A Zoom room which will use an Office 365 / Exchange Online calendar
    • A calendar to link to the Zoom Room (room calendar)
    • An Exchange Service Account (dedicated user)

    Creating the Calendar Accounts

    1. Create a dedicated user for Zoom to access Office 365 calendars (see Request Group Account (O365/Exchange Online)), e.g., atazoomcal@jh.edu.
    2. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to request an account from your LAN Administrator.
    3. Create or locate a calendar resource for each room e.g., ataroomtest@jh.edu.
    4. Delegate rooms to the dedicated user, or simply sign into both accounts (dedicated user, room calendar).
    5. Enable the dedicated user to edit the Zoom Rooms calendars.
    6. Email zoom@jhu.edu when the above steps have been completed, and a Zoom Account Administrator will set up the calendar integration. The Zoom Account Administrator will let you know when you’re able to proceed with the below steps.

    Add the Calendar Resource

    As a Zoom Room Admin, once the integration has ben set up, you can add the the calendar resource as follows:

    1. Go to Zoom Admin > Room Management > Zoom Rooms
    2. Find your room, e.g., DTEN
    3. Click on ‘Add a Calendar’
    4. Click on 'Add a Calendar'

    5. In the “Add a calendar resource” screen, you should see at least one Calendar integration, e.g., atazoomcal@jh.edu
      In the
    6. In “Select a calendar resource”, you should be able to select the ROOM’s calendar, e.g., ataroomtest
    7. Click ‘Save’
    8. The Zoom Room listing should now show the calendar associated with the room
      The Zoom Room listing should now show the calendar associated with the room.

    Calendar Integration Validation


    1. In Outlook set up a meeting with the Zoom Room (e.g., ataroomtest) and add a Zoom meeting to it.
    2. Meeting should then appear on the Zoom Room (note: DTEN isn’t as fancy, doesn’t display all upcoming meetings).

    iOS Display Scheduler (see Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display)

    1. If you have an iPad w/ Zoom Room App for iPad installed, you can add is a Display Scheduler for the Zoom Room.
    2. Use the Display Scheduler to book a meeting with the Zoom Room
      Meeting should then appear on the Zoom Room.