Taking Your Interview Virtual

Need to take your interviews online? Try using Zoom!

The following options outline how to transition in-person interview days/weeks into an online format. This is from the perspective of the interview coordinator. Please review the following to find out what format may best suit your needs.


Pros & Cons

Option Pros Cons
Option 1: Create a Meeting Per Candidate
  • Less setup needed
  • Not as big of a learning curve
  • More meetings to manage
  • Interviewer(s) more likely to mix up meeting links
Option 2: Create a Meeting Per Interviewer
  • Less meetings to manage for the Interviewer(s)
  • Less confusion
  • Smoother transition moving from one candidate to the next
  • More setup for each meeting
  • More of a learning curve
Option 3: Using Breakout Rooms
  • Great for a smaller number of candidates
  • Gives flexibility but also ultimate control (for us micromanagers)
  • Works well when you have faculty who prefer differing interview lengths
  • Overwhelming for a large number of interviewees
  • More of a learning curve for managing the breakout rooms

Set Up Steps

Step 1: Map out your interview day, EVERY aspect.

Organize every aspect using a spreadsheet. This should include breaks, discussion time, group activities, and any opening/closing sessions. Here’s a sample!

Step 2: Create the Meetings

Option 1: Create a Meeting Per Candidate
Create a separate Meetings for each candidate. So if you have 50 candidates, you will require 50 Meeting IDs.
Option 2: Create a Meeting Per Interviewer
Create one meeting per interviewer. You’ll keep these meetings running ALL DAY, and use the Waiting Room to control the flow of candidates, admitting one candidate at a time.

Steps to running your Zoom interviews with Waiting Room option. Make sure to set up a series of mock interviews to try it!

Customize Your Waiting Room
Try Customizing the Waiting Room to help your candidates know what to expect, or at least, help them to know they’re in the right place.
Option 3: Using Breakout Rooms
Create a single meeting for the interview event… yes, just one!

Step 3: Send out meeting info.

Set your both your Interviewers & Candidates up for success:

Step 4: Practice makes perfect!

Set up a few practice sessions with your team, and have enough participants to make it seem “realistic”.

At the very least, if you cannot find a time to practice that works for all the the interviewers, ensure the interviews know how to log in, get to their meeting, and can operate the Waiting Room (if you go with Option 2).

Step 5: Execute with ease.

With enough practice, the event should go off without any issues.

Need to check in on the interview while they're going on?
You can join multiple meetings from your browser by using this URL pattern: https://zoom.us/wc/join/Meeting ID, then entering your name and clicking “join”. Make sure to insert the correct Meeting ID – the 9, 10, or 11 digit number after the last “/” at the end of a the meeting URL. Please ensure you’re opening a new tab, window, or browser for each meeting you’re looking to join.

For Example: The meeting you are joining has a Meeting ID of 6672087529, you would enter a URL https://zoom.us/wc/join/6672087529.

Recorded Training

You can review the recorded training at your convenience.

Have any questions? Reach out to your JH Zoom Team.