New Feature: Alternative Hosting and Designated Scheduling across the Enterprise

Effective July 16, 2021:

We are excited to announce that alternative hosting and designated scheduling are now supported for all Licensed users within the JH Zoom Enterprise. Users can now assign other members to serve as alternative host(s) and/or designated scheduler(s), regardless of what subaccount/instance of Zoom their account resides in. Additional details for each of these features are outlined on Zoom’s related support articles below:

When assigning alternative host(s) or designated scheduler(s) within your account, it is imperative to use the correct email address of the assignee. Below, you will find the typical email format associated with each account type when searching for users.

Account Type Email Format
Faculty and Staff [email protected]
Student [email protected]

If you are having trouble locating the account, we recommend the following:

  • Search using first and last name
  • Search using JHED ID with the at symbol appended at the end (e.g. ‘JHEDID@’)
  • Ensure that the user you are attempting to assign is Licensed (Basic/free users cannot serve as alternative host(s) or designated scheduler(s))
  • Please Note: Internet Explorer is not a supported browser and may be unable to locate the user in the search results. Use either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari when searching

For more details and information on how to utilize these features, please visit Faculty and Staff Zoom Support by School/Division for the appropriate divisional support contact. For any additional questions, please contact [email protected].