New Setting: Waiting Room and Passcode Requirement for Meetings

Effective September 27, 2020:
In efforts to heighten security, Zoom will require that all users have either a Passcode OR Waiting Room enabled for their meetings starting September 27, 2020. These security measures will provide hosts more control over meeting security options while keeping the join experience as friction-less as possible.

  • For meetings that do not have either a Passcode or Waiting Room enabled by September 27th, Zoom will automatically enable the Waiting Room for you.
  • You can customize the Waiting Room experience with an approved list of domains that can bypass the Waiting Room and join the session directly.
  • The meeting host is required to admit participants from the Waiting Room into the meeting for them to join.
  • Zoom has renamed “Passwords” to “Passcodes” to better align with their role in allowing participants to join a meeting.

At this time, no action is required. Any scheduled meetings without a passcode will automatically have the Waiting Room enabled.

For more details, including a comprehensive FAQ document, please visit Zoom’s support page. If you have additional questions, please reach out to

Effective November 23, 2019:
All newly scheduled Zoom meetings, instant Zoom meetings, and Personal Meeting ID (PMI) meetings (where join before host is enabled) will require a passcode by default.

  • How will this affect users joining my meetings? This change will not affect users who join by clicking the meeting link or through the desktop calendar integration. Users who join by manually entering the meeting ID will need to enter the passcode manually as well.
  • Where can I find the meeting passcode? For scheduled meetings, the meeting passcode will be located within the invitation. For instant meetings, the passcode will be displayed in the Zoom Client or on the Zoom Room’s Controller. The passcode is also included in the meeting join URL.
  • Can I disable these settings? You can disable these settings for your meetings by going to the Meeting tab under Settings.

    Require a password settings found under meeting settings

For more information, please see